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    Did You Know Black Hat SEO Can Destroy Your Business

    A black hat SEO is an unethical way for a person to get their website to appear higher on search engines. These blackhat SEO’s will usually follow the following characteristics and disregard any type of reputation management for them or their brand.

    reputation management software First of all and most important it breaks the search engine rules and regulations. Second it will create a bad user experience. Finally it will unethically present content in both visual and non visual to the search engine web crawlers. 

    Black hat SEO’s at one time were legal but after too many people began to overuse it and therefore it became frowned on by Search engines. Now if you are caught using Black Hat SEO’s it may be a short term solution to a problem but it will also get you penalized from the search engine

    These penalties for using a black hat SEO can be harsh and include but not limited to banning from all search engines. There are ways to avoid creating a black hat website and if you follow them correctly will save you a lot of problems in the future. 

    1. Be careful to not stuff your keywords

    -Using a lot of keywords in your site and nothing else will get you in hot water with the search engines. You need to learn how to place your keywords properly to avoid this. If you fluff your articles with a lot of keywords yes, it will increase your chances of ranking higher on the search engine but only temporarily. 

    2. Avoid using invisible text

    -Invisible text consists of putting keywords into your site in white with a white background. This invisible text is hidden from the customer but will attract the web crawler to rank your search engine higher. This is not a good practice as it results in a black hat SEO and will get you banned from the search engines. 

    3. Do not use doorway pages

    -A doorway page is literally just a fake page that is used to attract the web crawlers. The customers themselves will never see this page. This doorway will trick the web crawler to rank your business higher but again, this will only be temporary. 

    As you can see black hat SEO’s do sound tempting but a person must know the consequences from using them which at times can be very harsh. They only help you temporarily but will cause you bigger problems for a long time to come. They will help you get higher rankings in the search engines but they are very unethical. 

    If you wish to run a legitimate business and build trust with your visitors, your reputation is everything and can even be managed with reputation management software, but you need to avoid black hat SEO’s because they will taint your company in the long run. Run your business right and do not fall into the unethical practice of running a black hat SEO website.


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    Eat Clean Skin Diet To Have Healthy Skin: How to have a clear skin

    How to have a clear skin

    Some people do not understand what a healthy skin diet will do to their skin. They utilize different products from stores trying to have good skin. But there seems to be a disconnect betwen what they want and what they do.  It is almost like a mystery. A good skin diet can do much for your skin’s health. It reduces and removes the effects of acne. It will also make the skin on your face to glow and look more radiant. In this article we will discuss how a clean skin diet will help you regain that youthful look.

    Your skin is a reflection of what you eat. If you are eating bad skin diet your skin will let you know through reactions to those foods. One of those reactions is having rough chicken skin. Acne is another skin reaction that at times is related to what we eat. Having a clean skin is best done by nurturing your body with the healthiest foods. Just start eating healthy and you will notice pretty quickly that your skin will look much better than it used to.

    Get enough hydration

    Hydration is one of the key ingredients you need to have healthy skin. Not drinking enough amount of water each and every day will make your skin dry. How can you deprive your skin of this life enhancing resource and expect to have a good skin? Nothing works well without water in our body. It just dries and shrivels up. That is certainly not what  we have to do to get a healthy skin.

    We have heard of this saying “What you eat is what you are”. This is specifically true of your skin. The link between diet and health is very clear for most people.

    Foods that are high in sugar are considered a common cause of acne on the skin. These high energy foods cause an increase in insulin in the body. This then triggers an increase of oil production within the sebaceous glands. It is widely known that producing more oil than normal from these glands will cause acne. Bacteria will grow where there are clogged pores. Bacteria then produces the bad skin spots and pimples we so hate.

    Use wholegrain cereals and natural produce to have a better skin. Atkins and Slow Carb diet may help as they focus on a higher protein foods. There is no scientific evidence which indicates a higher protein diet will reduce acne. 

    There is no question that healthy diet has a good effect on your skin complexion. Any time you indulge in foods that are bad for skin, your skin will break out and yells at you to stop. Learn to eat healthy foods that can directly affect your skin health.

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    Submit papers

    How to Submit Papers

    Mail us your manuscript direct to the Admin

    The author of the manuscript must ensure that the submission has not been previously published.

    Proper links for the references must be provided.

    The manuscript file must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) or Microsoft Word document file format.

    Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.

    The text in the manuscript must be properly placed and the sample manuscript format can be downloaded here : Manuscript Template

    Once the above mentioned guidelines are followed, the author(s) need to submit their manuscript at [email protected]

    Our prime aim is to promote and disseminate new scientific research work each and every corner of the world. Our day to day operating expenses of journals are financed by members of research publish journals.

    Authors belonging to respective countries need to pay the following publication fee :

    US/Canada/Russia : USD 20

    China : ¥ 125

    India : INR 1000

    Australia : AUD 26

    Others : USD 20

    Note : In case of multiple authors, the publication charges remains same.

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    IJTRI Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How much do we charge?
    A. The author(s) needs to pay a minimum amount of USD 20 or INR 1000 excluding transaction charge as a publication fee (Included Publication charge, Official Review Report, Digital Certificate, Life Time Archive) for each accepted manuscript by the editorial board.

    Q.Why do we Charge?
    A.Our prominent editorial board members and reviewers are working day-and-night voluntarily for the progress in research field. The publication fee is charged for the cost of administering the journal website and management team.

    Q.What’s the refereeing procedure?
    A. Manuscripts submitted to the IJTRI are peer reviewing, initially reviewed according to the flow diagram reviewing and then reach to the technical reviewer. A minimum of three reviews related to subject is required for each Journal manuscript.

    Q.Who can submit a Paper?
    A.We welcome big achievers, professors, research scholars to contribute their original works in forms of case studies, empirical studies, meta-analysis and theoretical articles and illuminate the pages with their universal ideas and fresh perspectives to make the journal synonymous to the entire research field.

    Q.How to submit a Paper?
    A.Mail us your manuscript at [email protected] gmail.com.

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    IJTRI Peer Review International Journal

    The IJTRI Journals

    International Journal of Technical Research and Innovation (IJTRI™) publishes articles that emphasize research, development and application within the fields of engineering, science and technology. All manuscripts are pre-reviewed by the editor, and if appropriate, sent for blind peer review.

    Contributions must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere, and are critically reviewed before they are published. Papers, which must be written in English, should have sound grammar and proper terminologies.

    Manuscripts submitted to the IJTRI are peer reviewing, initially reviewed according to the flow diagram reviewing and then reach to the technical reviewer.

    A minimum of three reviews related to the subject is required for each Journal manuscript.

    IJTRI has been initiated with the sole aim that scientists, academicians and industry people would use the published work for the multifaceted growth of human society.