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    Review Management is Key to Business Success

    In fact, the online review has become the key factor or main pillar for today’s business. Review management is a new word-of-mouth referral. The reviews and opinions you collect from your customers can either make your business a success or completely destroy your business reputation.

    There are so many ways for consumers to make their reviews public, it’s really a tough matter that how to deal with them as a business owner. So online review management is your only and solely way to move forward in this world full of five-star ratings and review sites.

    The impact of the online review

    Buyers reviews put a great impact on your business. Positive online reviews attract 68 percent of consumers to use your business, while negative ones push flater 40 percent away. So it is a must for your business reputation that your customers give positive reviews about your business because reviews can have the biggest effect on your business.

    Where to look for  business’ online reviews

    You can search for reviews on social media, online discussion forums, blogs or journals, review sites, search engines, and on other Internet sources.

    Social Media:

    Although buyers usually don’t go for full-on opinions on the social networks, those web sites make it fast and easy for satisfied or totally unsatisfied clients to quickly let their friends and family know what they think about your business. And in case you’ve claimed your business on social media web sites like Facebook, there can be even greater opportunities for your customers to leave reviews and ratings for the other audience to look.


    There are many online blogging websites that provide reviews about services and products.


    There are numerous online discussion communities and forums where people share their good or bad reviews and experience about the products.

    Review sites:

    Yelp, Google, and BBB.org are the review sites which allow customers to log in and post reviews.

    How to deal with online reviews

    It is very important to know how to handle and address good or worst online reviews. Here are a few tips to deal with this issue,

    Closely monitor your reviews:

    You should not ignore online reviews. Schedule your time regularly to check for reviews. Secondly, claim your business profiles or create them to monitor online review. You can also use review monitoring tools to manage reviews.

    Make negative reviews a positive:

    Through review management process you can turn your negative reviews into positive by answering them on time. And by letting the customer know that we care about their opinion. Apologizing is also the best way to change bad review into a good one.

    Give a boost to your reviews:

    To get the best reviews for your good business reputation to ask your buyers to write honest reviews about the product. There are a few methods which can boot your reviews.  The website reviewstacker.com has a method for encouraging customers to leave positive reviews.

    Ask for reviews

    It sounds simple, but ask your customers to rate your business.  Setup for consumers a place for reviews on your website.  Hand out “please review us” cards at checkout, and send emails them to leave reviews.  All of these tactics will increase positive reviews.

    Luckily, there are tools and services available that can help online review management, especially for small businesses.