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    IJTRI Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How much do we charge?
    A. The author(s) needs to pay a minimum amount of USD 20 or INR 1000 excluding transaction charge as a publication fee (Included Publication charge, Official Review Report, Digital Certificate, Life Time Archive) for each accepted manuscript by the editorial board.

    Q.Why do we Charge?
    A.Our prominent editorial board members and reviewers are working day-and-night voluntarily for the progress in research field. The publication fee is charged for the cost of administering the journal website and management team.

    Q.What’s the refereeing procedure?
    A. Manuscripts submitted to the IJTRI are peer reviewing, initially reviewed according to the flow diagram reviewing and then reach to the technical reviewer. A minimum of three reviews related to subject is required for each Journal manuscript.

    Q.Who can submit a Paper?
    A.We welcome big achievers, professors, research scholars to contribute their original works in forms of case studies, empirical studies, meta-analysis and theoretical articles and illuminate the pages with their universal ideas and fresh perspectives to make the journal synonymous to the entire research field.

    Q.How to submit a Paper?
    A.Mail us your manuscript at [email protected] gmail.com.